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Weingut Becker-Steinhauer
Im Weinkeller von Weingut Becker-Steinhauer

The creation of the wine

Vinification techniques have changed enormously in the past 100 years - and not all of the developements have ben benificial.

In the Middle Ages the most was processed simply by treading on the grapes. Nowadays a whole battery of technology is used from rotating presses to vacuum extracters.
After a period of technological advance in the 50s of the last century, we are trying to find our way back to gentler methods of processing the grapes.

The quality of a wine can never be better than the quality of the vineyard that produced the grapes.
Care of the vines is the basis for quality wine. In the cellar it is only possible to conserve the quality of the grapes. You cannot improve it.

This is why the wine production on our estate begins in the vineyard itself. Weeks before harvesting is begun the grapes are regularly checked to determine their ripeness and quality. Depending on the results some grapes which are already ripe may be selectively harvested or alternatively only grapes of the highest quality may be picked.

When the pressing is over things become more relaxed

Our freshly pressed, cloudy grapejuice is allowed to settle so that remaining solid matter like pips etc. are almost completely removed by sedimentation. Subsequently the most is fermented with our own individual yeast strains.

After the fermentation we allow the wine enough time to clear. At the end of April or the beginning of May the wine is bottled.


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